About Us

We established VNG Property in 2018, specializing in home rentals in Istanbul, Turkey. We wanted to give foreigners a vibrant and unique experience living in our favorite city! Since founding VNG we have been scouting the best homes with character and comfort for guests to experience and live like a true local. Today, visitors can choose from a wide variety of homes to enjoy from.

Our mission is to keep building our company organically. Our values are based on quality, service and local expertise. 

That wouldn’t be possible without our hosts. We market your home, welcome guests, organize check ins & check outs and clean your home before and after each stay. Providing our own linens, toiletries and towels.

We go above and beyond for guests. A friendly face to greet you, custom made linen sheets, towels and toiletries all taken care of at a high level. We are available 24/7 if you need us.

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