Deposit Policy & House Rules

WHAT IS A BOOKING Reservation?

1.1 A “Booking Confirmation” is an agreement between you and the Host for occupation of a Property for a specified time (the “Rental Period”). You can make a Booking through (the “Website”), by phoning us on +90 212 282 8231 or on websites where VNG Property advertises Properties. No Booking will exist until we send you an email confirmation (the “Booking Email”), as well as a corresponding email to the host, at which point it will be legally binding on you and the Host.


2.1 The “Rental Fee” is the amount paid by you for the occupation of the Property for the Rental Period. 2.2 For each Booking, we will charge you from your credit/debit card as soon as the Booking is made, unless we notify you otherwise prior to you making a Booking.2.3 You confirm that the credit/debit card being used is yours.Please note: Our website prices and availability are dynamic and can change instantly. When booking directly from our website. Your payment will be held for 24 hours. A member of our team will confirm or decline your booking and reach out with confirmation. Alternatively, if for some reason that specific home is not available we will decline and/or send you alternatives in hopes we get a chance to host you.

2.4 We are not responsible for any fee your card issuer or bank may charge you as a result of our processing of your payment in accordance with this Rental Agreement.2.5 The Rental Fee includes charges in respect of the following utilities: gas, electricity, water, tv licence, and insurance for any item supplied by the Host.2.6 The Rental Fee will be payable in full, even if for some reason you do not occupy the Property for the entire Rental Period.2.7 If you make a Booking and do not show up without notice we have a right to keep the payment.


3.1 You may request a cancellation by emailing us at [email protected] or by phoning us on +90 (212) 282 8231.

3.2 For Bookings made more than 7 days prior to guests arrival, we offer a 48-hour period from the time of which the booking was made to cancel and receive a full refund.

After the 48 hour period, we refund 50% of the booking value up to 14 days before the guests arrive. If you cancel within 14 days of arrival, unfortunately the booking will not be refundable. Bookings made within 7 days of arrival are non-refundable. This is due to Hosts unlikely to receive another Booking for their property for the dates booked before cancelation.

3.3 In the unlikely event that a Host must cancel your Booking, or the Property is unavailable due to an emergency, we will communicate this to you as soon as possible and use reasonable efforts to help you find an alternative Property if available (which may include similarly priced accommodation of comparable quality.) If we are unable to find you alternative accommodation, or you do not want to book an alternative accommodation we will not take any further payments from you in respect of the Booking and will refund you the full amount.


4.1 The property check-out time is before 11:00am unless discussed and agreed upon for a late check out. You will also be liable for an additional charge of the nightly rate for each day or part day that you overstay.4.2 If you stay in the Property for over 3 hours after the check-out time without authority then we reserve the right to enter the Property, remove your luggage, and change the locks to the Property. We also reserve the right to take any other action that may be necessary and to charge you for the costs of that action.


5. We require a standard $500 USD deposit (Subject to home and length of stay) for each booking in order for us to block the calendar dates for your stay. This is also in case of any damages done to our property. If there is no damage done, we will release the deposit within 3 working days after your check-out and should arrive back in your account within 10 days of dispath. If damages have been done to the property we will deduct from the deposit and fix the issue to our best ability being cost conscious and effective..


6.1 To protect the Host’s interest and VNG Property, you agree to provide evidence of a valid ID/Passport identity at check-in. Each guests’ ID will be communicated to Turkish Authorities for security purposes.

6.2 No access to the Property will be granted until the Host’s or VNG Property’s representative has seen satisfactory identification.

6.3 Failure to provide legal identification at check-in will constitute as an immediate cancellation of the Booking. Under such circumstances, no refund will be paid.


7.1 You agree not to use the Property in the following ways:

7.1.1 Business: Do Not operate any form of business from the Property including any filming, production or other commercial activity, without prior consent of VNG Property and shall use the Property for residential purposes only.

7.1.2 Illegality: Do Not use the Property for any illegal or immoral purpose.

7.1.3 Drugs: Do Not consume or keep illegal drugs at the Property.

7.1.4 Smoking: Do Not smoke in the Property.

7.1.5 Damage: Do Not carry out any action that would cause damage or deterioration of the Property.

7.1.6 Animals: Do Not bring animals into the Property unless VNG has granted permission before hand.

7.1.7 Advertising: Do Not display any form of sign or logo that is visible from the exterior of the Property and agree not to use the Property, its address, or location in any form of advertising or promotional material.

7.1.8 Noise & Nuisance: Do Not cause excessive noise in the Property and agree to use the Property in a manner which does not cause a nuisance to neighbors residing close by and Do Not obstruct, harass, cause a nuisance/inconvenience to any person residing, working for or on behalf of the Host or VNG Property, or carrying out their lawful business in the building or immediate area.

7.1.9 Parties: Do Not host parties or gatherings in the Property. Any substantiated complaint of a party involving a large group of visitors to the Property will be asked to leave and will lead to termination of the Occupation Agreement (non-refundable). We also reserve the right to enter the Property or have a security service enter the Property in order to remove visitors, remove your belongings, change the locks to the Property or take other action required.

7.1.10 Host Property: Do Not damage, rearrange or remove any of the personal belongings of the Host from the Property and you shall not alter the Property in any way.


7.2 Please Do comply with the following obligations in respect of the Property:

7.2.1 Fixtures and Fittings: Please Do operate any appliance, fixtures and fittings provided by the Host or VNG Property in accordance with instructions provided in a reasonable and careful manner.

7.2.2 Ventilation: Please Do properly ventilate to ensure that there is no build up of damp or moisture or of cooking smells, smoke, or grease.

7.2.3 Rubbish: Please Do dispose of all rubbish and waste promptly using the facilities provided. When exiting the property please make sure you throw out all the rubbish.

7.2.4 Cooking: Please Do use the cooking facilities provided with reasonable care and with proper ventilation so as not to cause damage to the Property, building or any fixtures and fitting not to cause fire or smoke alarms to be activated.

7.2.5 Cleaning: Please Do keep the Property clean and tidy.

7.2.6 Security: Please Do take precaution of the security of the property by taking care of access keys or codes. Do not give keys/codes to persons other than employees, contractors, agents, or representatives of the Host or VNG Property and not propping or holding open external doors, windows and other forms of access to the Property when you are not supervising them. Lost keys will endure a surcharge of $50usd.

7.2.7 Health and safety: Please Do comply with any safety guidance provided to you by VNG Property or the Host on check-in. If you have concerns or become aware of any health and safety risks you must inform us immediately.

7.3 If there has been a breach of this Rental Agreement by the bringing of animals into the apartment or smoking then you will be liable to pay for specialist cleaning at an additional cost of $200 + VAT.


8.1 You agree to immediately report any items within the Property that require repair. You agree to inform VNG Property as soon as you become aware of any problem to minimize its effects and prevent it becoming worse. Failure by guest to report any required repair to us prior or after their check out preventing the problem becoming more serious may lead to a surcharge on top of the standard Security Deposit.8.2 The Host may terminate the Occupation Agreement at any time on 24 hours’ notice where you breach any part of this Rental Agreement.


9.1 If you have a complaint about the Booking or Property, then please contact us as soon as possible by email [email protected] or by phone on +90 0212 282 8231.

9.2 You agree to co-operate with us in resolving any issues or complaints and keep us fully informed. You agree not to behave in an abusive, racist or obscene manner towards the Host or any representatives of VNG Property.

Liability and Claims

10.1 If the Host breaches this Rental Agreement the Host shall only be liable for losses which are a reasonably foreseeable consequence of such breach, up to a maximum of the Rental Fee.

10.2 Nothing in this Rental Agreement shall be deemed to exclude, restrict or limit the liability of any party for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence or any liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

10.3 You agree that the Host will not be liable to you in connection with the following and extra charges may be permitted:

10.3.1 losses not caused by breach of this Rental Agreement: Any consequential or incidental losses due to loss/damage that are not foreseeable by you and the Host at the time of entering into this Rental Agreement, for example: loss of business, profits, opportunity, income or revenue; and/ or including fire, storm, flood, riot, civil disturbance, war, nuclear accident, terrorist activity and Acts of God.

10.4 You agree to compensate and defend the Host fully including against any claims or legal proceedings brought against the Host by any other person during your stay.

10.4.1 Any damages/destruction or misuse of a Property caused by you or any other guest during your reservation listed which is beyond reasonable fair and tear (such compensation to include where applicable cleaning, repair and replacement costs as applicable); and/or any loss by you of keys for a Property.

10.5 If the Host takes legal action against you for non-payment or any other breach of this Rental Agreement and a court makes an award in our favor, you will be responsible for all costs.

10.6 We do not offer any Properties in our own name. As such you also acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for any of the Host's obligations under this Rental Agreement.

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