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A Little Walk Down in Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the most populated places to enjoy this summer. There are lots of great places to visit and explore.

What makes Bodrum special?

Bodrum has a lot of different places to visit. With an abundant different areas to explore, each one different from the next.

Here are some things to see if you plan to explore what Bodrum offers.

    •    Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum

One of the most important museums in the world! It is the only museum that is known as an underwater museum in Turkey. This museum has different artifacts and historical objects that are found during incredible excavations. There are 14 rooms to visit and most of the items are made with amphoras. Besides the amphoras, the most important pieces in the museum is the shipwrecks. One of the shipwrecks is known to be the oldest shipwreck in the world. If you are into historical artifacts and pieces that are about the underwater world, this museum is a must.

    •    Bar’s Street

This street, as you may guess, has a lot of different bars to go and have drinks. With its colorful lights, restaurants, coffee shops, souvenir shops and live performances, it is always a crowded place to go and meet new people. If you are with your friends and want to have a night out, then this street is a must visit!

    •    Bitez Beach

This beach is known for its longest coastal line to enjoy a nice stroll. The beach offers one of the bluest seas there is and there are different types of fruit gardens to check out. One of the greatest features of the sea is that it is shallow. So it makes it easier to play and have fun with your children and loved ones. If you are into surfing, or want to learn, there are different surfing schools to start learning. Enjoy the walks of the beach, or have a lovely tan session. It is free of entry so would definitely recommend.

    •    The Sevket Sabanci Park

One of the greatest atmospheres is located in this park. With its green grass and coast, it gives you an amazing feel to be in. It is also a great spot to take gorgeous scenic photos and hang out with your friends and family. The park also has a very popular restaurant called the “Mavi Park Restaurant” which is a highly recommended. Definitely worth checking out.

    •    Bodrum Tuzla Kus Cenneti

A little far as 25 km, this place has 125 different types of birds to see. One of them being flamingos! It is an amazing location for photographers. We recommend you visit this location in March or April, since the birds will be in their breeding season.

    •    The Cennet Cove

Cennet means “heaven” in Turkey and this name really has a meaning for this cove. It is one of the most amazing places to visit in Bodrum. With its beautiful blue sea and amazing greenery, you will feel like it is really heaven you are stepping into. It includes a camp site where you can camp with your loved ones, but make sure not to light a fire, because it is forbidden.

There you have it. Don’t forget to check out our website for different locations to stay in while you are there exploring these amazing locations.


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