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Facts to Consider When Choosing a Rental House

No matter how many times you've rented a home, it's never easy to decide on a new place - there are so many questions and concerns! Which neighborhood should I live in? How much space is substantion enough for me? What about noise, pests, and neighbors? Well we're going to take the guesswork out of the equation and tackle these questions one by one.

So come along with us as we walk through all the different considerations you need to make when choosing a rental house.

1. Location.

It's always true that a nice location is just as important as good real estate. If you want to be in the middle of the city, rent a house close to downtown. If you want seclusion or privacy, rent a place far away from the hustle and bustle. If you want to be close to nature, rent out by the woods or a beautiful lake with plenty of green space. Looking for a quick commute? Rent a house right next to the train or subway line of your choice. If you have kids, renting close to schools or a park can be ideal.

2. Neighbors.

Know how noisy your neighbors are, how close they live to you, and how much noise they tend to make. We've all lived beside a rowdy party animal at some point in our lives, but that isn't fun! If you want to be by yourself and enjoy quiet evenings, rent a house far away from the bustle. On the other hand, if you want to be part of a lively community with lots of people nearby; rent nearer to people you know.

3. Pest Control.

It's never fun to have to deal with bugs or rodents in your home - especially if you have food in your house! Ask the landlord if the home has had major pest problems in the past, and whether or not it can be treated for them. If you have any pet allergies, make sure the place is kept clean - a clean home is a healthy home and a happy home.

4. Heat/Air Problems.

If you live in a place that gets cold winters, make sure your landlord has prepared the house with heating. If the landlord hasn't done enough to prepare for winter, make sure to look at homes that have been renovated recently. Make sure your home is well insulated, and make sure your heating system is working properly.

5. Noise/Noise Control.

Nothing is worse than waking up in the middle of the night to find that you can't sleep because of wild party animals next door! Make sure your house has proper insulation and soundproofing.

6. Budget.

Rentals can be expensive, so we always recommend looking for places to rent that are in or near your budget. Look for places on your own or with a group of friends - divide the cost of the rent evenly and share everything else. It will be cheaper in the long run, and it will make you feel much better about renting if you know that you are contributing to something you're not paying for alone.

7. Amenities.

The neighborhood may be great, but it's not always easy to get to. Think about your day-to-day life - do you have a job, school, or other daily activities outside of the house? If not, you can probably get away with a more remote location. But if you have to spend time driving around to go to work or school, try and choose something close by.

8. Security Systems.

A security system is a great addition to your home - especially if you have children or plan to live there for a long time. If you have had any break-ins in the past, ask landlords about their history with thieves. Also ask about the system's security features, and whether or not it can be monitored from outside the house.

9. Pets/Smoking Policies/Parking.

Pet lovers will probably want to either own their own pet - or hire someone to take care of them while they are at work. If you are bringing your own pet, make sure the house is pet-friendly. If not, don't bother renting it - and if you do, make sure there is a place for them to be on their own. Smoking policies vary from landlord to landlord; ask about them before you sign the contract. Parking is always a bonus, so if there is street parking around or even a driveway or garage that you can use, go for it!

10. Maintenance.

No matter what you rent, make sure to look at it from the landlord's perspective and make sure that it's maintained without fail. If there are many repairs needed to be made - or if they will be major ones - don't rent it! If they will be minor repairs, then it might still be ok but make sure to check all of these issues before agreeing to rent the space.

With these 10 amazing facts to consider, choosing a rental house will become easier and you will get the most of the house you choose to live in.

Thanks for reading.

2022-07-04 12:22:38

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