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Common Problems of a Rental Property and Ways to Fix Them

Taking the plunge and renting a place of your own? Congratulations! But before you sign on the dotted line, it's worth making sure that you are completely happy with your new home. You certainly want to avoid any late night visits from the landlord if there is something wrong with the property.

What makes these problems occur?

Rental house problems may occur due to the the tenant before you not taking good care of the place. They may leave it dirty or damage the furniture. In some cases the situation might even be worse like a leakage or a broken window. Such problems might also happen because of the age of the building or due to poor maintenance.

The good news is that most cases can be resolved without any stress. Unless there has been a recent assessment carried out on the property to ensure it meets certain standards, your landlord may not be aware of any problems with the house.

Listed below are some common problems renters come across and how to fix them:

Cracks in walls

Patching up cracks takes about 10 minutes of elbow grease and can help out considerably in the long run.


You may simply buy insect repellents or get a pest control team to check the place out for! Sometimes the issue need to be taken care of by profesionals

Rooming in

Rooms are sometimes rented out below their market value. If you find that you are paying for more than the room is worth, make sure to ask the landlord if he can rent it back out to someone else at a better price.

Missing AC vent

Don't worry if there is no AC vent installed in your unit. You can simply install an AC vent yourself.


Before signing on the dotted line, you may want to check your credit report. Any landlord will check your credit history and he will know if you have a bad payment history.

Getting medicine

If you have an epileptic condition or other medical issues, it is not advised to live in a place where there are no health centers/ hospitals within walking distance.


Do your research about the area the house is located! You need the place to be in a safe and friendly neighborhood where you will feel comfortable at all times.

Commuting time

Make sure you keep your commute hours in mind. Decide on how many minutes you want to spend on the road eveyday and look for properties within that distance!

Keeping pets

If you have a furry life partner be very careful while choosing your new home! Not all homeowners allow pets in their properties and being secretive about a pet might cost you fines and cause bigger problems in the long run


If you're not happy renting a place, then feel free to move and sublease your place. Make sure you have your landlord's approval before subleasing, otherwise you might be facing eviction or paying high cost fines

Thank you for reading! We hope this mini guide will make finding your new home an easier process!

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2022-07-20 12:50:27

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